3 Must-Do Moving Tips for Phoenix Area Homeowners

new home moving tips
Moving Into Your Phoenix Area Home Made Easier

With the excitement involved in moving into a new home and all of the things that need to be done, it’s easy to forget the few important things before you load up the moving van. If the day of departure is drawing closer and you’re mulling over the final details, here are 3 must-do moving tips you may want to check off the list first.

Move In Tip #1: Install New Locks

One of the most important aspects of home ownership is the feeling of security that it automatically provides.  You’ll definitely want to change out the locks on the doors before you embark on the big move. As soon as you’ve received the keys to your new home, contact a locksmith who will be able to do the dirty work for you.  Or if time permits, you may want to take on this task yourself and save a little bit of money in the process.

Move In Tip #2: Do A Quick Clean

With so many boxes to unpack and items to organize, the concept of cleaning the house you’ve just moved into might not be very appealing; however, this can be a necessary step in making you and your family feel more at home. It doesn’t have to be the kind of cleanup that will take 10 hours, but a quick dusting and wiping of cabinets, window blinds and appliances, as well as a quick sweep and vacuum of the floor, may change the way you feel about your new home.

Move In Tip #3: If Time Permits, Paint!

If the walls of your new house happen to be in immaculate shape, you can probably avoid paint; however, a prime up of the walls can add a lot to the sparkle to your new home and may make it feel like yours much sooner. Instead of going for boldness or deciding on a decorating scheme right away, choose a neutral color that will instantly brighten your room. If the walls or closets are in particularly bad shape, you may even want to contact a professional who will be happy to sand, spackle, and paint those marks away.

Moving into a new home is undoubtedly a time of great excitement, but there are some things you should do before you make yourself comfortable in your new place. If you’re curious about what’s available in the Arizona market or would like to know your current home value, contact NextHome Valleywide in Chandler, AZ for more information.